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Keanu Reeves is only a dozen% Asian provides a white Mother

Keanu Reeves is only a dozen% Asian provides a white Mother

They used to have societal deals where they would possess step 1/8 Octaroon ladies, who had been phenotypically white, having white surface, green attention and you will red locks, and sell them due to the fact intercourse slaves getting Southern boys

Your investment Turks. Inquire why keeps WMAF didn’t create just one an excellent man, even with as being the most commonly known mixed coupling in america?

I’ve already addressed the truth that Keanu Reeves and you may Dean Cain Tanaka aren’t Eurasian men. Every “successful” Eurasian guy was a lie. Therefore the simple fact that apologists need certainly to rest a great deal, will be itself show something. However it has arrived to my interest, that i was indeed incorrect when you look at the proclaiming that Keanu is actually 1/cuatro Far eastern. Indeed the fresh East Asian portion of his blood, their Chinese front side is just 1/8 otherwise twelve.5%. The fresh Chinese taint in the Keanu was just several%. Behold your Eurasian Messiah. Their Neo.

Simply because new racial-intimate facts which go towards the WMAF, make certain that its Eurasian boy cannot amount to anything

The brand new propagandists has observed the fresh new lessons of their master Goebbels and you will recite the newest lay you to Keanu is actually Eurasian more often than once. You would genuinely believe that Keanu ‘s the boy out of a light dad and you will western mother. Here is what are suggested, whenever WMAF Nazi propagandists consistently reveal their picture because just what their man can look particularly. In reality Keanu have a white American mommy. WMAF Nazis have the ability to unsuccessful highschool biology class, he has got zero notion of family genes 101. For folks who repeat a lie, have a tendency to sufficient it will be truth. For some time I myself try consumed. I truly thought that Keanu Reeves are Eurasian. He’s not. The guy doesn’t also lookup definitely Western inside the anyway, however folks and their canine appears to learn hes Eurasian. This is the result of a working strategy out of misinformation.

Why is society familiar with Keanu’s 12% Asianess? Also Nazi Germany simply hunted down 1/cuatro Jews. This is certainly more like the outdated Southern area, to the 1-lose signal. Oh the WMAF propagandists possess caught into 12% Chinese within Keanu. It is a lay.

Lets besides leave it within lay. Lets follow through the new ramifications. Discover a huge amount of WMAF couples in the us. Ranging from WW2 therefore the some Western wars and angles, and you may exploding the fresh new 70s and you may 1980s. Many of these Eurasian men are now better into adulthood. WMAF is the most popular combining in the usa, AMWF is the minimum popular. Why oh as to why, you must query does the most used need to bargain away from the least popular? Exactly why do millions have to kid vagina from several? Exactly why is it you to definitely each time WMAF attempts to name a profitable Eurasian kid, he’s a light mother? It is not by accident. Each WMAF child regarding reputation for the country try a deep failing.

Keanu Reeves was a lay. He has a light mother. His mommy isn’t Western, she’s a keen Anglo-Saxon Englishwoman. Their maiden name is Bond, Patricia Thread. No mixed child off a far eastern lady will ever to do anything. This is why they must lie and falsify. He is not step one/dos Far eastern, he’s not step 1/cuatro Far-eastern, he or she is step one/8 Asian. 12%.

He’s sleeping, once the the fact is not on the top. Oh you can find popular legitimate WMAF sons in news reports. Real sons away from white dads and Western mom. There have been very prominent reports within the last seasons. But those people are sons you to definitely WMAF is not so brief to simply take borrowing from the bank for. Those is its actual sons. All-Western white fathers and you may an effective Chinese, Japanese, Korean woman. Those individuals may be the Eurasian men, one colombian cupid dating website WMAF propagandists escape regarding. The true Hapas.